Schools and Third-Party Servicer staff have used EDcomplete solutions to process Federal Student Financial-Aid.

Our Goal is to help colleges correctly process financial-aid, manage student enrollment, recruitment, and retention, and champion colleges to align their strategies to operational processes that support regulatory compliance.

Princeton Brooke
Certified Cybersecurity Architect and Compliance Manager

EDcomplete Student Administrative Services - EDcomplete provides colleges and universities with the technical tools and personnel resources needed to successfully manage student administrative operations. Our services are built upon the foundations of compliance as defined by the United States Department of Education and the accrediting bodies. EDcomplete is operated, owned, and developed by Website & Software Engineering Incorporated.

If you are a small school, medium sized, or larger organization - EDcomplete has the right mix of services to keep you operating within the zones of compliance.

We have several versions of EDcomplete to fit most budgets and school profiles. We can work with other Third-Party Servicers TPS if the school does not manage its own student processing. Some services provided by EDcomplete may require FSA SAIG enrollment, Third-Party Service Contract, or other access levels. Contact an EDcomplete representative to determine the needs of your organization.